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Precious Caviary

About Me
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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

Here is some of my show records:
My first show was down in Deland, FL. on June 4, 2005. My Red/White Texel boar(Joy's Donnie) got his first leg under George Long. BOSB, Best INT V&B INT.
Aug. 13, 2005 at Cashier, N.C. show under Don Peterson, my Golden Agouti American Boar (Gummi Bear) won his first leg as a best Variety.  Then on the same day, my other Golden Agouti boar (Maxwell) won the same award under Lisa Cohen.  
Sept. 17, 2005 in Greensboro, N.C. under Peter Herman Golden Agouti Boar(Gummi) won his 2nd leg.  Also my Silkie boar ("Joc" that I got from Denise Talbot) went BOB  
Nov. 12, 2005 in Seveirville,TN under Juliet Barrera, my Texel sow ("PC's Lacy" that TSW picture on my home page) won Best of Breed for her first leg.
Dec. 3, 2005 in Columbia ,S.C. under Don Peterson Lacy took BOB again and won her second leg.  Edit Text

Backpacker taking a drink; Size=180 pixels wide
Having a wonderful time at the shows. 

Doing good for a start !  Expectations.

I love challeges and showing is a great one.  I have sought knowledge from judges and breeders and what I've learned has helped me to get a good start in this hobby.  I am very grateful to Nancy Peyton (FL judge) for teaching me the ins and outs of breeding, raising, and showing cavies.  Thanks Nancy

Future Show I'll be attending in 2006

January 14 & 15 in Bartow, FL near Tampa.  It's sponsored by The Florida Rabbit Breeders Association, First Coast Cavy Club, and Southeast Rabbit Breeders Club.
June ?  another Florida show MAYBE

In 2007 I hope to attend and show in the national show in Tampa, Florida.  Ohhhh, I can't wait for that one.